Digital Revolution Internet Marketing

Digital Revolution in Marketing

The world as all advertisers knows it is changing and changing drastically. Marketing is not dying~ it’s being REBORN!

Most people are moving online, using the internet and their phones for almost everything now. I know that I can count myself in with this – if you’re looking for an address to meet with a business, where do you look? If you want to find out when the next showing of movies you wanted to see, where do you look? If you want to BUY a ticket to said movie without worrying about waiting in line? If you are in a market of certain service and you want to know more about the company before you do business with them? or if you’re researching certain product before you buy, where do you go? ……. THE INTERNET or IN YOUR MOBILE DEVICES.

Having a website these days is more than just putting web pages with your address and phone number. Consumers now a day are more advanced. Statistics shows that 65% of consumers research your company online before they decide if they want to do business with your company. Consumers use your website to find out information about your company’s profile, the services and products that your company offer, your contact details and your company locations. They also use your website as reference your company’s credibility, web inquiries and any customer’s feedback. They also transact business through your sites, ordering online, signing up your news-letter, inter-acts with your blogs and forums. A lot of business owners look at having a website as an expense, keep in mind that YOUR WEBSITE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE TO YOUR BUSINESS. Let’s look at it in different angles, don’t you need to hire employees for your business to answer your phones, keep records of any business inquiries, messages? How about hiring a sales person to sale for your company? Or let’s say participate to any Networking Groups to get some leads and network. Your website does all that for your business! It interacts with consumers with any inquiries that they might have regarding your business, it also stores database for your company for any marketing campaigns you might need. It speaks for your company; your website image reflects your company’s image and even ACCRUES REVENUE. Your site is working 24/7 for your business without having to pay any workers, overtime and any extra-ordinary bills.

Was that helpful so far? Here’s more….
downloadMake sure when it comes to your Web Design and Development it is crucial that you give the consumer what they are looking for. Design your Web pages that grip the attention of consumers to stay and read every page of your site and keep them interested and intrigue to make them your customers. You have 30 second to grip their attention before they come out of your site. For this reason, why you need Professional Developers/Programmers than just templates. This translates to site traffic, return visits and referrals ACHIEVING our ULTIMATE GOAL why we’re in business TO INCREASED SALES & PROFIT!

As we all know the world is changing and it’s changing drastically. Everything is becoming available online, so it is becoming apparent that EVERYONE is going to move online. For those companies who still do business in an old fashion way, they going to have to keep up, they’ll have to go where the people go. This means integrating their strategies online and being visible on the web and mobile friendly.

If you’ve read this far, you must be serious about your business and making it visible where the people go. Take the next step by clicking the button below to fill out our short inquiry form. We will get back to you ASAP with a recommendation. No obligation – you can also call us at 386-202-4177 or Toll Free at 1-877-381-0002.

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